My goal is to make a difference in the lives that need it the most, through action.

Restorative Justice Director (2016-Present)
Sweet River Consulting at Science Skills Center High School

  • Create and implement the Week of Social and Political Action™ to build community, practice self care and healing, and engage in social justice actions and conversations

  • Launch and implement school-wide restorative practices

  • Provide professional development, technical assistance and support in restorative justice practices including community and relationship-building circles, conflict and harm reduction, and suspension re-entry

  • Revamp school-wide discipline policy in collaboration with all key stakeholders

  • Create and lead Restorative Justice Taskforce comprised of students, staff, family and community members

  • Collaborate with criminal justice, human rights and racial justice entities to affect policies with regards to the school-to-prison pipeline

    Take a look at WOSPA™ in action.

    Nicole featured on Brooklyn Community Foundation's blog

    Self-Produced Short: A Restorative Justice Best Practice

Founding Dean Of School Culture (2014-2016)
Community of Unity at Urban Assembly School for Collaborative Healthcare

  • Establish systems and protocol for the purpose of building a strong school community culture

  • Create and enforce student discipline and detention policies

  • Create systems and structures for student celebrations

  • Assist teachers in building positive relationships with students

  • Structure and lead Town Hall Meetings

  • Building Response Team and Suspension Hearing Team member

Expanded Success Initiative Coordinator (2012 - 2014)
Urban Arts Partnership at New Design High School

  • Develop and supervise alumni mentor and peer leaders programs

  • Expand youth development best practices through the creation of strategically aligned programming that promotes college and career readiness for Black and Latino male students

  • Plan and execute culturally responsive experiential learning opportunities, events and trips for students

  • Manage the $250,000 Expanded Success Initiative grant budget

  • Support students academically and socially through small group advisories

  • Plan and execute culturally responsive experiential learning opportunities for students, including out-of-state college access trips

  • Support students academically, socially and emotionally through small group advisories and individual sessions

  • Create and deliver professional development sessions to promote and support cultural relevancy in curriculum

Experiential Learning Trip: Washington, DC

Experiential Learning Trip: Philadelphia, PA

Founding Capoeira Teacher and Program Creator(2005 - 2012)
KIPP:AMP Academy

Author & Implementer

  • Author and implement original capoeira curriculum and lesson plans in alignment with NYS Physical Education and Health standards for 300 students in grades 5-8

  • Create and execute Portuguese and culture lessons for 300 students in grades 5-8

  • Produce annual school-wide capoeira graduation (batizado), and up to five major and three minor performances each school year

  • Supervise all written and verbal communication with parents/guardians regarding capoeira-related field trips, grading policies, uniforms, performances and rehearsals, and safety and protocol

  • Responsible for managing a $35,000 annual budget

  • Manage and recruit a network of capoeira professionals and stakeholders who donate time and resources to the school’s capoeira program

  • Manage media relations and appearances of student capoeira performers, including interviews and bookings

    Conduct after-school capoeira classes for parents/guardians

Performance & Event Director

  • Create and manage performance participation criteria, show details, staging and costumes, choreography, and spoken performance components

  • Create themes and unifying elements of school-wide shows

Cultural Implementation

  • Responsible for capoeira program branding, identity and design, including annual school shirts

  • Produce and lead staff professional development sessions and segments related to the school’s arts programming, including capoeira integration into all academic classes

  • Responsible for the visibility of capoeira as a key element of school culture, and herald its value to the outside community

  • Lead team-building capoeira sessions and activities for staff

Dean of Arts & Culture

  • Developed bi-weekly individualized schedules for 300 students and 35 faculty members as the Saturday School Program Coordinator

  • Conceptualized, produced and led the weekly school assemblies

  • Created and managed a system to ensure integrity of the school’s arts programming, which included grading, discipline, performance rubrics, and school-wide arts appreciation through integration

Lead by example

  • Founding Office Manager in charge of creating and maintaining multiple systems, including student files, lottery, parent communication, budgets, compliance, and food service

  • Advised on school-wide special events, discipline, trips, and culture

  • Participated in school planning meetings with superintendent, principal and other founding members

  • Contributed to the design and development of the school’s administrative structure

  • Participated in recruitment and hiring process

  • Developed and launched an Ethics & Social Justice Curriculum, Health & Sex Education Curriculum, and Student Advisory Program

  • Created a 10 day service trip to Brasil for 50 8th graders and 10 chaperones

    Video & Article

Education Consultant
Brooklyn Center of Urban Environment

Created and executed age-appropriate urban planning and science curriculum for K-12 students in schools throughout New York City

Home Ownership Specialist
Faith Center Community Development

  • Taught and facilitated homebuyer and financial education courses

  • Prepared monthly status reports and materials for seminars/courses

  • Assisted the Director of Homeownership in providing technical assistance to homeownership counselors

Teacher’s Aide
Children’s International Workshop

  • Taught 2-4 year-olds the basics of communication and culture through cooperative learning and the arts

  • Assisted head teachers with special projects and classroom management

Vocational Specialist
Covenant House Regional Training Center

  • Created external partnerships in an effort to secure training opportunities for youth ages 16-22

  • Managed recruitment, placement, and follow-up of youth involved in ten unique training programs

  • Planned and executed educational activities to teach life skills to program participants

  • Planned voter registration drives, college tours, and educational seminars for program participants

Writing Achievements:

Selected for May 2016 Academy for Teachers Master Class: Promoting Activism and Social Awareness with Kenneth A. Cole and Marc Schneider

Selected for October 2016 Word Cabaret’s Learning Curves: NYC Educators Read Poems, Stories and Musings

Huffington Post Contributor - Read: Go Ahead, Tell Them!

Huffington Post Contributor - Read: My Five-Year-Old Black Son Is Color Conscious

Selected for 2014 Cullman Center Institute for Teachers Summer Seminar and Creative Writing Workshop

Selected for the 2013 Cave Canem Spring New York Poetry Conversation Series with Khadijah Queen

2012 Pinch Journal & University of New Orleans Study Abroad Program in Arts & Writing Contest Nonfiction Honorable Mention


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